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What can I not throw into the disposal bins?

You cannot throw away; Tires or Vehicle bodies from Commercial Companies, Contaminated Soil, Liquid Wastes (i.e. sump and septic tank fluids, etc.), Weed Seeds or Treated Grain, Animal Carcasses, Coated Pipe (i.e. yellow jacket pipe), Explosives, Radioactive Waste, Biomedical Waste and Asbestos.

Is it cheaper to have a clean-wood only disposal bin?

Yes, clean wood is cheaper to dispose of so long as it is not contaminated. Pallet disposal is a great example of clean wood disposal.

Do you require any contracts at all for disposal bin rentals?

We do not require any contracts, it is solely a pay for what you use service we provide.

What size of bins do you have?

Click here for bin size details.

How long can I keep the disposal bin?

Our bins require no contracts and have no alloted rental time. However, discounts and certain charges apply depending on length of rental and number of times the bin is required to be dumped.

How far in advanced should I request my disposal bin to be dumped?

24 hours notice for bin dump would be great or if it's easier you can set scheduled dates and save you having to remember to call.

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